Friday, January 15, 2010

Dawn=Good, Jill=Bad

Okay I totally suck. TOTALLY.

My SS (who, by the way, is my real-life precious friend, Dawn) sent me another gift and seeing that it is only TWENTY days past Christmas and I just now am making reference to it, just proves how badly I suck.

My precious children did not mention I had a package in the entry hall until 11pm the night of the 26th when we were madly packing for our trip. So after I tore into it and screeched with delight, they felt bad they had robbed me of the joy that should have been mine like weeks earlier. (Have I mentioned I really am not digging my brats at this moment???)

Anywhoooo, drumroll please.........

Okay close your eyes and picture this because I still haven't found my damn camera. Only, don't really close your eyes because you can't read with your eyes closed....

Dawn sent me the absolutely CUTEST brown tshirt with a turquoise cross. I LOVE IT!!!! AND she sent me the most gorgeous turquoise necklace with the most AWESOME silver framed charm with zebra (my fave!!) background with a cross on it. I LOVE IT, TOO!!!!!!

Dawn, I cannot thank you enough for the best presents I received this year!!! I am so sorry that time has gotten away and I haven't blogged in forever and acknowledged how incredibly awesome you are and how much I truly love all you got me.

I am going to go buy a new camera and prove how lucky am!! Not now of course because it's way too early and I have to go work, but later tonight.

Y'all are going to be so damn jealous!!!!

I love you, Dawn!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...there is the Jill that we know,love and MISS!!!
can not wait to see pics!

Megryansmom said...

Missed you! At least you posted about your SS gift :( Yeah I'm a smidge bitter, but I'll get over it I suppose.

Deb said...

you really do suck. not really, but i want to support you in your current self-loathing.

what is it with the kids? mine are being total losers and i am SO not digging them.

hope your busy-ness is a good busy and not a i want to pull my hair out and am ready to jump off a bridge busy!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a good score! Congrats.

Nicole said...

Long time no see! Welcome back. Those sound like perfect gifts :)

TexasRed said...

Been missing you over the holidays :) Glad to see you back (and that it sounds like good holidays).

Kritta22 said...

Too bad your SSS didn't send you a camera! LOL

so glad you blogged.

I heart you bunches!

Dawn said...

Yes, had I known you didn't have a camera I so would have thrown one of those in the box too! LOL!

I'm glad you liked your gifts. It was fun buying for you. =)

Justine said...


Now are you truly back, or is this just a damn tease?

Justine :o )