Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My SS Rocks the Casbah

Dearest SS who is from Oklahoma and I love dearly,

Your GREAT gift was received 2 weeks ago. I apologize with all my heart for not posting pictures immediately upon arrival. The note cards are FABULOUS and the gift card to SONIC will be used daily for my addiction. The SPREES and TWIZZLERS, which are some of my favorite candy, were eaten by my perfect grandchildren because their mother, my not-so-perfect daughter, bribed them with it to be good at the grocery store without my knowledge.

My camera is gone, probably also used a bribe by my children who think my stuff is theirs. So I am unable to post cute pictures of me holding my wonderful gift and smiling my cheesey smile. Which, btw is a shame because in just a month I am now down to a triple zero and weigh 100 pounds, 30 of that being my boobs which magically grew to like a size GG....honest injun. But since I can't prove it with pictures, you will just have to trust me that I am so not lying just to get a laugh. I would never do that.....

Okay really, THANK YOU so very much for my gift. I LOVE it!!!!!