Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Am Sucking Less Than Normal And Amazing Myself

As I stated earlier and actually followed through with (shocking, I know), I got a camera and took pictures of what my SS, Dawn, gave me for Christmas. The SECOND great gift she sent me. The first was a Sonic card, which I already used to purchase my crack-like addiction to their drinks; a set of darling note cards, and candy which my heathen daughter gave my perfect grandbabies as a bribe to keep them quiet at the store.

So, pictured below is the example of the PERFECT gift from the PERFECT Secret Santa.

Here you can see the tshirt that looks exceptionally cute with a long handle shirt underneath that disquises my jiggly wing-like upper arms.

I know you are green with envy.

Not about my arms, but about how cute this is, and that it's mine, not your's...

Now here is the picture of the jewelry. It's got bling, zebra print, a cross, and turquoise. It's a totally orgasmic combination for me.

 Okay I am done making you jealous.

Just cross your fingers that next year Dawn gets your name.

AND cross all fingers and toes that you don't get my name.

But if luck runs out and you do get my name, pray that I will actually be aware that your gift has arrived and I will blog about it prior to 3 weeks after Christmas.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Dawn=Good, Jill=Bad

Okay I totally suck. TOTALLY.

My SS (who, by the way, is my real-life precious friend, Dawn) sent me another gift and seeing that it is only TWENTY days past Christmas and I just now am making reference to it, just proves how badly I suck.

My precious children did not mention I had a package in the entry hall until 11pm the night of the 26th when we were madly packing for our trip. So after I tore into it and screeched with delight, they felt bad they had robbed me of the joy that should have been mine like weeks earlier. (Have I mentioned I really am not digging my brats at this moment???)

Anywhoooo, drumroll please.........

Okay close your eyes and picture this because I still haven't found my damn camera. Only, don't really close your eyes because you can't read with your eyes closed....

Dawn sent me the absolutely CUTEST brown tshirt with a turquoise cross. I LOVE IT!!!! AND she sent me the most gorgeous turquoise necklace with the most AWESOME silver framed charm with zebra (my fave!!) background with a cross on it. I LOVE IT, TOO!!!!!!

Dawn, I cannot thank you enough for the best presents I received this year!!! I am so sorry that time has gotten away and I haven't blogged in forever and acknowledged how incredibly awesome you are and how much I truly love all you got me.

I am going to go buy a new camera and prove how lucky am!! Not now of course because it's way too early and I have to go work, but later tonight.

Y'all are going to be so damn jealous!!!!

I love you, Dawn!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!