Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Winners, Anniversaries, and Birthdays

Congrats to Ginger for winning the copy of "Holding Fast" By Karen James. Also I am sending a copy to Rhonda because she promised to read fast and send it on to those that wanted a chance to read it. I think that is a GREAT idea, so just let her know if you are willing to read and pass it on.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments and allowing me a chance to share the impact that tragedy had on me. But I am done making you cry. Now on to funny things!

Saturday was our 5th anniversary. The kids were at their dad's. So you know what that meant...
loud sex and Christmas shopping! (Just kidding, mom!!!) We did take a break (From shopping, mom!) and went to eat at Randy's Steakhouse in Frisco. This elite place is in an old Victorian house and dining is by reservation only. The room we were seated in was dimly lit and reading the menu was next to impossible. I had to get the little candle on our table to put up next to the menu to even see the choices. The prices were high, but not jaw-dropping, so when the waiter came to give us the specials, I never bothered to ask the price. BIG MISTAKE!!! We both got the iced tea since there was more shopping to do (and plus, we were planning on getting soused at home (just kidding, mom!)). No appetizer, just salads, filet mignon with lobster bernaise and Cajun tiger shrimp, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes. It was phenomenal. Beyond belief good. Dessert was complimentary because it was our anniversary. Our bill was $147.95. Rick's 12 oz. steak was $67. With tip, we were looking at $180. It was delicious, but for the love of God, 30 minutes later in IKEA's restroom, it was already over and done with.

On our way back home, while going down the highway, in the middle of nowhere, fireworks begin to go off directly beside us. Not just one or two big fireworks, but BIG 4th-of-July-like-light-up-the-sky fireworks. I was shocked and said, "Wow, I wonder what the celebration is!" Rick just turns and says slyly, "Happy Anniversary, honey." Then he laughed hysterically. For a split second I thought, DAMN, he's good!!

Sunday was my mom's birthday and since I couldn't score any tickets for the game in Dallas, (Thanks for trying, Janie!) she went to Burlington Coat Factory with my sister Erin and got herself a huge parka with a fur-lined hood and sat with her mocha moolatte from DQ to watch the game on TV and pretended she was there. How much better could it be?

I love you so much, Mom, and wish you lived closer. I miss spending time with you and laughing at all your mispronunciations and driving (dis)abilities. You are my role model and taught me everything I know about being a good mom. (The bad mom parts of me I learned from a book.) You supported me in all my (legal) activities and were always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on with encouragement and guidance. I am who I am today because of you. Thank you, Mom, for always telling me I made you proud and making me want to please you. You were always my biggest fan and laughed harder than anyone at my jokes (unless Amy was there).You made me see the good in all people and be satisfied with life as long as my kids were safe and happy. Thank you for encouraging me to go back to school and helping me when I went thru my divorce. I know I lived a childhood that not many people get to experience and I am so thankful to you and Daddy for showing me true unconditional love. I only have a couple of complaints:

1) Did you really have to keep my hair in a pixie all those years?
2) I know it may have been the style, but some of the pants I
have seen in pictures that I wore could have been avoided.
3) Stop sign glasses? Really?! I was 7 and had no sense of style.
You should have been firmer about that.
4) You probably should have been honest with me about my
4H sheep. Learning they really were not frolicking in the
pasture all these years,but were lamb chops, was a difficult
revelation 10 years later.
5) You should have pushed dating David A. more fervently. I
might have actually gotten a redheaded kid out of the deal.
I wish everything you wished for on your birthday, but I know Daddy is happy and patiently waiting on us to join him. He loved you very much and no one torked his jaw like you and your navigational skills (except John's ice crunching). And in case you have forgotten, I love you more than Amy and Erin. I mean, not to pat myself on the back, but who saved your life? Okay, then. I can't wait to see you this weekend and spend time watching you make you chocolate pies. Hey, Amy is the cook and Erin cleans. I am the delegator and taste-tester, not to mention world-renown choreographer. You can't have it all and I have accepted that. See, I learned from you that I should be happy with myself, even if it meant not liking to cook and clean and just bossing people around. I love you, Mom!!! (And BTW, Jerry Jones said that win was for you!)

I will be cleaning(blah) and cooking(double blah) for the fam coming in friday, so I may be a vapor this week. I am thinking serving McNuggets, and Whataburger fried pies won't cut it this year. I have grown as a hostess and now am going above and beyond with some bags of Chex Mix. What? I will have Amy put them in a bowl. Sheesh. I am not that lazy. Being bossy is hard work.


Unknown said...

Congrats Ginger & Rhonda!

Happy anniversary to you Jill & Rick...that was too funny about the fireworks BUT very cool!

Happy birthday to your Mom!
Beautiful post...I thought you said you werent gonna make us cry anymore...
altho i did giggle @ the pixie cut!
Huggers Jill-miss you muches

Ronda's Rants said...

I am sure you mispelled Ronda...right?
I am sure I read faster than she...or is that her? Anyway....Rhonda...I am next!!!!
Happy Birthday to your Mom and I hope everyone has a great time!

Debz said...

Boy $180 right down the toilet huh?
Bwahhaaahahaahaa - that was funny Deb.

Happy Birthday Mama!
your adopted daughter in SC

Unknown said...

OK, so you were in Frisco, and didn't even CALL me?? I mean, c'mon, it was just an anniversary....haven't we been through those before?? JK, and glad you had a good one! (That's what she said...)

And about that pixie haircut...were we separated early in life?? I've got some pix to show you......

Linda S said...

Congrats...not a fast reader, so not throwing my name in the reading pot. What are you cooking? If you have any leftovers, I can be there in about 20 hours.

Happy Birthday MOM

Annie said...

You're a great writer, Jill! I am going to get the book on my own, so if anyone wants it after me, send me their name. I'm happy to pass it on!
Happy Anny and Happy Birthday to Mom! I read both of her daughters and I can tell, she did well! :)

Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday Mom!

And I saw a commercial where there was a mcnugget wedding cake and I thought damn, I should have had that at my wedding. Good luck with the cooking.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I got hungry just reading about the steak. Glad you had a nice evening!

Unknown said...

Happy Aniversary!

I've had dinners like that too, where the price is the big surprise ending.
Kind of like dinner and a show. And my favorite part is always how the waiter is able to approach you with his head held high and a straight face as opposed to doing the walk of shame to your table in hopes that you'll really pay.

Anywho, HBD to the Maternal one, I hope her day is wonderful : )

Sara said... said no more tears. That was a wonderful an touching post to your mom.

Ash said...

Happy Birthday Jill's mom!!

Thank you, from the bottom my heart, for giving birth two very sweet girls (does Erin have a blog BTW? I'm sure she's sweet too!)

Ikea - awesome.

Whataburger's fried pies - not so awesome. I know! Who'd guess it? But, not so much.

Good luck with the week. I've got the in laws coming. Sigh.

Rhonda said...

Yup. It's Rhonda with an H ... Wow, did you see Ronda trying to steal my thunder? I'm taking bribes on the book, just FYI! lol

Happy birthday Jill's mom!

Happy Anniversary Jill and Rick. (The part about the ikea bathroom had me chuckling!! lol)

Deb said...

happy birthday mrs. jillandamy's (and erin's) mom!

good thing you have such an outstanding personality, jill, cuz you're pretty useless.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Id love to do a post to my mother, but Im pretty sure there arent enough electrons.


Unknown said...

Hey Jill - first time stopping by after you cruised by my place on the Mission. I've been reading some stuff and I love your style. And I envy this relationship you describe with your mama. Mine was good but nothing like what you described. It's been a bit of a heartache throughout my life and one reason I so desperately want to have a tight relationship with my daughters.
Nice post...

And Happy Anniversary and I love the fireworks story. Classic.

And I'm stealing your measuring cups idea. : - )

That Janie Girl said...

Hey, Jill's Mom - I tried for those tickets, I really did!

To Jill: I thought I was going to win the book. I should have put a more impassioned plea on here or something.

And it's no fair about you and Rick. I mean, Steve's been gone for-frikkin-ever. Fluck, Fluck, Fluckity Fluck.

Mrs Anne said...

Happiest *{Anniversary}* to you and the Mister!

Your post has completely cracked me up... in fact I read it two times and laughed harder the second time... :D

I hope your Uber Fabulous Mom has a great birthday filled with lots of fun things!

You have a heart of gold and a wit that kicks my @ss!

Have a great week sweet pea, and i say grab some take out, "arrange" it on a plate and 'voila'... YOU'RE AMAZING!


Debbie said...

Holy cow. Was that a meal you had or a down payment on a car?

Swirl Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your mom...

you sound like you had a perfectly 70's dork childhood.

(takes one to know one!!)

amelia bedelia said...

Mom secretly wanted me to be cuter, haven't you figured that out yet? I'm very lucky, I'm here with the birthday girl today....can't wait to see you this weekend. And what's with me having to cook for you all the time! Ok, I'll do it, don't pull my pony tail!

Anonymous said...

I shockingly cleaned for 5 hours yesterday - just to use my Mrs Meyer's Christmas stuff. And, we're going OOT for the holidays. Nice, eh? Also, I should be a little sad you were right by me and didn't send a shout out - esp as I was at Stonebriar on Sat, too.

Ginger said...

Hi Jill:
I am so excited to have won the book. I read fast too, and I will let my S.I.L. read it, and get it back from him, and I will share with anyone else out there wanting to read it also.
Happy Anniversary Jill and Rick.!! Wow, thats a pricey dinner, but hey how can you put a price tag on a good time? lol.
Happy Birthday to Mom too. She is sure a beauty.
I wish I could be a fly on the wall this weekend when you all get together. I'd have to buy an extra box of depends for all the laughs.
Have fun gals, and thanks again Jill.

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Rick!!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!! :)

The Rule Maker said...

Come on Jill, Ice Tea? I think splitting a bottle of wine and then shopping would have made for one hell of a story! Anyway, Happy Anniversary!

Loved the letter to Mom. Perfect!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary to you, and happy birthday to your mom. I loved what you wrote to your mom.

Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your mom!

Justine said...

Hi Jilly! Sorry I haven't been by in days, but Jill was here all weekend and it was soooooooo crazy-busy! and all day today I've had wireless issues. Bah!
Anyway, I'm so glad your family is going to your house for the holidays! Have FUN!

Justine :o )

nikkicrumpet said...

Hey...I thought you were done making us cry! what a sweet tribute to your mom! And tell her I'm still waiting for an answer on her adopting me!Happy Birthday MOM..and Happy Anniversary to you and Rick....I'm pretty impressed with the fireworks...I gotta tell my hubby that I'm ticked he's never done that for me lol

Anonymous said...

Jeesh. haven't you ever heard of caterers????? They actually make the food, deliver it, set it out and clean up the mess. You can afford it and life is short. Want the phone number to a good one?

Deb said...

Happy birthday to Jill's mom!!! Hey Jill, I think our moms were cohorts. I too, sported a pixie for a long time. Too long.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversaary. Congrats to Ginger and Rhonda and now

A shameless plug, please vote for tree #2 at Thank you!!!

Dawn said...

What a meal! Too bad it got flushed away so soon!

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you all had a nice night out together.

And, seriously, I LOVE what you had to say about your mom. What a tribute to her!

I hope she had a fantastic birthday.

Oh, I'm a super fast reader! I'd be happy to read and pass it on. I'll try to leave a comment on whoever's blog is doing that! :)

Brittany said...

You have SO gotten me psyched up for our 4 year anni this Thursday, bring on the steak and loud sex!! WOOHOOO!!!!!

binks said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your mom!

I mean really, pixie cuts were in, but not for like 10 years. I don't think I have ever properly forgiven my mother for that.
Nahhhh, don't think I will - messing with my gentle psyche like that.
Glad to hear you have a nice, normal, loving relationship with your mother. Thanks for bringing that up. I think I may need some therapy.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fireworks. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to ding my husband on that. I've NEVER got fireworks.

Suzann said...

Happy Anniversary to you Miss Jill Jill and a Happy B-Day to Miss JJ's mama too!!

Who are you kidding? No kids AND your anniversary? You were rocking it at home girlie. LOL