Monday, July 21, 2008

I am a loser

Okay, I am embarrassed. It happens so often that should be used to it by now.

My sister, BoBamy, had been begging me for months to start a blog, and not even knowing what one was, I kept putting it off. Until last week.

Anyway, since I am new, (and basically a loser, friendless, and desperate for any and all comments) whenever I get a response, I have to (after I scream and do the "I got a comment" dance) go that person's blog (knowing that I am adding them as a fav because they have impeccable taste because they said something nice and funny to me) and get to know them. So I am on a blog and reading comments to another and I see IT...

Some terrifically funny chicklet has the name Amy Amy Bo Bamey.


My eyes stop dead in their tracks. My pointer finger freezes in mid-air over the down arrow. My pulse quickens and I spit up in my mouth.

MY ORIGINAL COOL NAME THAT MY DAD CALLED ME HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKEN!!! Okay, not word for word, since her name is Amy and mine is Jill, but the context was the same.

By this time I am sweating profusely and getting cotton mouth.

My worst fear has come true. I am a COPY-CATTER. Only accidentally.

What do I do now? Complete panic has set in and after 10 minutes of trying to compose myself, I decide to write her. It goes something like this:

"ummmm.....awkward moment when you go to a party and someone walks in wearing the exact outfit you have on....I just started this blogging thing and called myself what my dad always called me. ( I wanted to use the pity angle here and add 'He died 7 months ago' but left out any extra sniveling.) I feel really dumb. I hope you aren't mad. (and don't beat me up or worse, talk bad about me to other bloggers) It was a toss up between Jill Jill Bo Bill and White Girl Can't Jump (because I am SO not athletic)...probably someone has that one, too!"

I ramble on and truthfully tell her I loved her blog and her room was darlin'. I meant it, but the entire time I am typing and giggling aloud my annoying nervous Betty Rubble giggle, I am watching my life as a blogger go straight down the crapper. So, like I do in real life, I try to throw in humor so she won't hit me too hard.

"BTW, do you sing the song all day long, too?(bananafannafobamy)"

I am SUCH a pud. A complete wuss. And scared shitless she is going to be peeved.

Amy amy bo bamey, please forgive me!!!!!

So, if she comments that she is headed to Texas to kick my ass, (her kids ARE in Austin for the month of July with her mom- OMG!!!!) I am going into the Blogger Protection Plan and be known as "White Girl Can't Jump" and be from another small BFE town somewhere in New Mexico.

I am going to bed looking over my shoulder, jumping out of my skin at every sound with my black toboggan on and my flashlight ready to shine up on my face as the video rolls.



Lisa L said...

Love, love, love your blog! Came here by was of Lisa's blog and have marked you down as 'favorites'...Lisa in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

We know where you live...LOL...Coral

Ginny’s Lazy B Ranch said...

It'll be okay jill jill bo bill, be tough and be strong. You can handle it, I can tell. Just let me know about your schedule. I love your blog. You are hilarious and creative too. Can't wait to see what you have to say next.
OH, by the way my chair project is a pain the the a**, it is a piece of junk, had 5000 tacks and nail heads in it, but I'm still working on it. I'm going to accomplish something this summer if it kills me. I will probably have to call TB in big D for advice on this piece of junk. See ya soon I hope. I need friends, too.

amelia bedelia said...

heee,heee, I tried to get you to name it "white girl can't jump", but NOOOOO, you had to do it your way, as of these days you will learn, I may be younger, but yes, I am smarter. (love ya anyway sis#1)

Kritta22 said...

Hello from Alaska!
I saw you on Candid Carrie's site. You are so funny...going down on my fave list...add us if you would like.
Be strong Jill...we got your back!

careysue said...

OK I'm back again...what is it with all these funny women? You, candidcarrie, etc.

I am so not funny! Don't be nervous I'm sure you'll get through the initial shock of it all!!!

Carey (the real Carey)

Anonymous said...

Visiting from Candid Carrie's're hysterical!

Oh, and, go Texas, or Texan, or whatever.....

Insane Mama said...

I am careful that I only read other peoples blogs after I have already written what I want to say for the day, because I am so afraid of being accused as a copy cat. I totally understand.
Take a deep breath

amelia bedelia said...

ok, NOW, Im jealous!!!! Careysue, you know cute, skinny, runner, Careysue, added you on her blog as her fav.! whatever (say it like a valleygirl)

Jill said...

Good luck with your blog. My name is Jill as well - and I don't often see other "jill's" around. Had to stop by and say hello!

Nice to meet you!

Tiffany said...

LMAO Amy was one of my first blog friends and then I saw you and wondered if yall knew each other since yall had similar names. HAHA Hmm I wonder if there is another stuck in the sticks? If so they must be a loser too. LOL