Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Okay, I am watching the 10 o'clock news and some the top stories in the 2nd largest city in TX are:

** 6 ft wooden mouse stolen from porch**
**Food poisoning at Mary Kay convention**
**etiquette camp**

I am SHOCKED!!! No one got murdered, or shot, or robbed. There was some follow up stories on that poor baby who got left in the daycare van for 6 hours and the local orgy house raid.

I guess it was even too hot for killers today.

My two youngest are at their dad's this month and my niece is staying with my oldest daughter to babysit for her while she continues to look for teaching jobs.

So, that's right, WE ARE CHILDLESS FOR A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

I am sore from doing the "no kids in the house " dance since Sun night.

But I am ready for them to come home now. I have dishes that need washing.

So sorry, I am exausted tonight- No diet pill today to keep me strung out til 3 am AND remember, we are childless.........."nuff said.

Maybe tomorrow I will be rested and funny. Maybe.
The Mr. has that f'n gleam in his eye and The Grin, and he is patting the seat next to him.
He cracks me up.

Oh, and all is well with Amy amy bo bamey. She loves me and isn't going to kick my ass. Whew! I was sweatin' bullets.


Brenda said...

OK, you are officially one of the funniest people I have ever read! Found your blog through nester & I am so glad I did!

Ginny’s Lazy B Ranch said...

OMG, I saw part of the stupid 6 foot mouse stolen thing on the news but didn't get to hear it all , and the lady saying something about it being a part of their family. I am still amazed at some people. Well, just wait till you get all those kids out of the house and to college or married off. It'll kill ya!!
We still need to get together, I'm finally going to take care of grandbaby today. Can we e-mail each other on this thing? I don't know very much about this blogging thing yet.

careysue said...

Again...I am cracking up, you remind me of candidcarrie so much. You two just know how to take the everyday "stuff" and make it hilarious!


Feliz said...

I just stumbled upon you from Captain Pork Chops page and I am adding you to my blog roll! Childless for a week. Wow. So jealous!

Kritta22 said...

LOL You crack me up!
I just read your comment on Carrie's site...Oct 13..oh! Soooo something my husband would do! I love it!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Jill - clicked through your comment on my blog over to here, and OMG, hilarious!

Thanks for the sweet, sweet comment. I've just subscribed, so be warned: I expect awesomeness! (lol)

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

You are funny!

It is fun to visit you and your sister's blog, too funny gals!