Monday, September 22, 2008

The Envelope, Please

I was awarded this very important looking award from my BBB, 3D at Postcards from the Edge without even begging for it, like I normally have to do for all my awards. It's called the
I wish you lived next door to me, but since you don't, this blog will have to do Award. (okay, I totally made that up.)

Actually, it's nameless, but it is Portuguese and it translates: This blog invests and believes, in the proximity [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy]. So to pass on the love, which , BTW, has no rules to the number of people you pass it on to, I will do my own thing. Shut it, it's my birthday week. I bestow this great honor to the following, wishing we lived close so we could hang out in person and do each other's hair and paint each other's nails:

Marilyn at The Farm Blahg

These girls make me laugh and are unbelievably supportive. I really would love to get together with them.
Speaking of getting together, how many of you would be interested in having a GIANT SLUMBER PARTY next September? Too avoid high costs, we could have the party at my house in Dallas. I can sleep 16 comfortably, 45 uncomfortably. If enough interest is expressed, we can vote on a date and start planning. And I will start cleaning. We can just hang out and drink, eat, and visit, or actually have fancy activities like a restaurant dinner and a play or concert. I am lazy and go for the one that I don't have to actually dress up for, so just let me know what YOU would like and we can start planning. (BTW, there are 2 airports in Dallas, Love Field and DFW. I am 35 minutes away from both of them.)
Let me know how interested you are and we can start deciding on who's house we will TP. Just kidding. I am much more mature than that. Ok, no I'm not. The last time I TP'ed, I took my youth group from the church and was exiled when the deacons figured out who did their houses. And I was married to the preacher then...can you say AWKWARD? I knew you could.


Tiffany said...

You're even crazier than I am. And I thought that wasn't possible. Too bad I'm poor or else I would come and chill with ya. And being as I'm so nice and all, I wouldn't have even brought anything scary with me. Now that's a true friend I tell ya.

jill jill bo bill said...

I think we should have a fund raiser. Like a garage sale (cuz I LOVE you, but I am NOT washing cars to raise dough to get your ass down here.) Plus, you have a YEAR to save the change in the couch cushions. All you need is money for the plane ticket or gas if you drive. Is there someone close you could carpool with?

Julie D said...

Aw, thanks pumpkin! I feel so honored! Oh wait, that might just be a hot flash.

I'm totally in for the slumberparty. I'll bring vibrating items.

Debz said...

Since I will probably STILL be laid off, I'm in. And I suck at Geography, but couldn't I drive and swing by and get Tiff? Then we can share the gas costs from there?? I don't know much but that sounds like a 1/2 of a plan right there. Tiff if you see this let me know what you think!!

I am lazy and I too would not complain if we laid around, hung out and drank ourselves silly. But if need be, I clean up right nice.

And anywhere Julie is bringing vibrating items, I'm there!!

Unknown said...

well i am in that gives me a whole yr to decide if I wanna fly which is really cheap from tulsa BUT I am askeered of flying OR drive and turn a 4hr drive into a 16 hr drive because i got lost hmmmm yanno i am decisionally challenged right?

OH and whats up with your sis's blog i got some error that it no longer exsists...

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You are crazy girl!! Hosting a slumber party is awesome!

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday week!!

Shelley said...

Where's my award? Did you stop loving me? Shattered, absolutely shattered.

You are so hilarious. I can dig a slumber party, but I don't fly AT.ALL.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

super fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm next September...I may have to check the calendar! haha When you have kids do you have to plan that far ahead?! Yikes!

Debz said...

I did some research (I'm unemployed you know... I got time) and it would add almost 3 hours to a trip if I were to drive to pick up Tiff and then we both go to Tx. Looks like 21 hours. Tiff??!! Are you there??!! Can you read??!!

Candid Carrie said...

I am pretty surethis award is actually Portuguese (pronounced Pork N Cheeze) for "The Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Award, right?"

Uh oh, here come's the trolley, Mr. and Mr. McFeelMe are out of here like Speedie Delivery Guy!

Ding Ding.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

ppsssstttt Jill , my name is Debbie lol, I would love a bloggy bash at your home, I will start my savings now :o) Thanks for the Award Your a Doll!
Check out then MY post for today will make sense to you :o)

Unknown said...

Well, even though I'm not on your bloggie roll thingy, I still want to come to your slumber party. Anyone from Southern California I can hitch a ride with??

So, seein' we're "triplets" doesn't that mean it's my birthday week too?? What are we going to get for OUR birthday? Btw, you can send my prezzies overnight express? I have a hard time waiting patiently for things.

Unknown said...

You are the BEST!

I have an ex in Texas who everytime we see each other we get remarried, so if I do come, keep me outa the North East corner of the state.

Maybe I'll drive and bring the dogs and Pearl too...
The dogs, Pearl and a box of wine.

We could have our own white trash version of Blogher, call it the "Convention in Dallas"

Oh, one more thing JJBB.
It's "polish" your nails.
You "paint" a barn and "polish" your nails

Sorry, it's just the nail Lady in me, I can't help myself.

I'm going to go find a suitcase for Pearl.

Tenakim said...

I guess it's the thought that counts- (you say AmyBo beat you to it, I'll have to take your word)

I would love to have a "slumber party" but I have hard time getting away to go pee- I'll start trying to make plans.

Unknown said...

well I just checked flights and well they arent bookin into '09 YET BUt it looks like i could fly RT for under $100 Jilly you gonna pick me up? I will need a wheel chair because i will be on a dimerol drip...yanno to keep me sadated so the other passengers dont try and 'off' me during the flight

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

This could be fun!! I would be in!! Chocolate Covered Daydreams I am in Souther Cali so we could fly out together:)

Jill is CRAZY for hosting this!!

Unknown said...

just a lil FYI...thanks to tiff I am s.l.o.w.l.y learnin how to read GA and ummmm jill i get more 'referal' peeps from your blog than any other so i am stickin in a lil extra sumpin sumpin in for your b-day boz...mmmkay TY to all who read jills blog then for whatever reasons click OVER to mine and NOT leave a's ok...we have all been there...i dont bite it's ok you can leave a comment....

TY jill for lettin me pimp myself out on your blog...

amelia bedelia said...

Tiff!! You better start savin' now! Who else is going to tell ghost stories! Im there, too, Jill, but I. AM. NOT. COOKING. OR. CLEANING!

Debz said...

Georgie I get most of my referrals from Jillies site too. I think she planned that so we can never leave her.

Swirl Girl said...

Congrats on your award. Amy got one too, and I wrote a weird comment , "huh?" about it.

I get what it means now.

I don't speak Portugese.

Unknown said...


You must be the Jill that Georgie spoke of. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to catching up on your posts.

Deb said...


I'm so coming to the party. Just do it in the mid to later part of September. School starts in early Sept here.

I vote for hanging around and drinking. But, I'll go with the flow.

Thanks for my award!!!!! You love me, you really love me!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Congrats! Congrats! You will love the after parties. :) Also... love your translation. It was totally working for me. I made up my own translation in my post today too. I guess that's bound to happen when awards go international, right?

Anyway, enjoy! I am excited to check out the new winners. I haven't been to any of their blogs :).

That Janie Girl said...

Holy freakin' shit.

I got a blog award?

Are you kidding?

Make my day, ya did, lassie! Thankee, thankee, thankee.

And I'm all in for the bloggerparty...and girls, I rack up SWA passes like candy in pinatas. So, if you need a little help, I might can throw in one or two!

Just one thing...can I leave the shit-covered dogs at home this time?

Tony Gasbarro said...

HEY! I want in on this slumber partay, too! As a newly divorced man, I am SO into the idea of hanging uncomfortably with 45 drunk, chatty, sleepy chicks! At sleepy time I might simply roll over and get lucky!

And, with a year to practice, I think I could learn to vibrate.

(Okay, am I the only guy who reads your blog? Should I stop?)

Ronda's Rants said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Jilly...Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Have a great day and do everything fun twice!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday today!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! JILL JILL Hope you have a wonderful day!! Full of surprises, just like you!!! Check your e-mail later today, like late evening!!

Debz said...


love you!!!!!!!!

That Janie Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Jill!

(and I think we ought to invite Farrago.) jjjjjjuuuuuusssssstttttt ssssssaaaaayyyyiiiinnnnngggg.

where's the switch on that damn thing?

Mamahut said...

Oh my gawd. I am late again. Yes I am coming. I will ride with Mrs Parks, as long as she has a suitcase for Pearl! I could bring some Alpaca's and we could do never mind.

I flew into Dallas one time.
I rode in a car with Hubby through Dallas one time.
I am from a very small town.
I don't think you Dallas people would consider what I do, driving.
I would get killed.
Mrs has to come and get me!

Oh and I was coming over to give you an award...that you already have...sniff...and you gave it to everybody else but me, now it's just a big ole free fer all. Have another Birthday Girl!