Monday, September 22, 2008


As you all know, my birthday is Wednesday. ( Just go with it if you didn't know...) Because I make the rules, I celebrate the entire week and choose what it is we will do and when, because it is officially My Birthday Week.

Rick asked me on Fri night what I wanted for my birthday. Now, any other time I would have pulled out a list that was 7 ft long and full of unnecessary wants I have. But now that I have Carte Blanche on choices, I got nuthin'. I can come up with no neat expensive items that I must have. What is my deal?! So I just told him that he needs to give me some time to think, which really means to sit and thumb through all my neato SkyMall magazines and decide what useless item I want.

Since the little ones were at their dad's this weekend, Rick and I decided to go see the boys in Stephenville. My 21 year old son works at a steak place as the cook and we picked up Trevor, my 20 year old, and went to eat. Watching John David behind the counter cooking and becoming that much closer to his dream of owning his own restaurant made me tear up no less than 8 times. The steaks were phenomenal and he looked so grown up back there in his apron. He even came out to mingle with all the customers and the kudos and pats on the back were rampant. I wanted to jump up and shout, "That's my boy!", but I refrained.

Stephenville is a college town, housing Tartleton Sate University and it's 3000 students. On our way back to the boy's apartment, Trevor is showing us all his favorite hang-outs which consisted of restaurants and two bars. We passed Chi-hua-hua's and Trevor says, "That's Chi-hua-hua(pronouncing it chi hooa hooa's) I said, "Isn't it Chi wa-wa's?" He informs me, "Mom. It's Stephenville. They don't have real Mexicans here."

John David and Trevor are 17 months apart and are as different as night and day. They live together and like The Odd Couple, have many obstacles to overcome as roomies. Their apartment was spotless. No dishes in the sink, nor clothes on the floor. John David's bed was made perfectly and the toilet was sparkling. I teared up again thinking that my baby boys were really growing up and didn't need me anymore. Then I opened Trev's door. Scanning the bare mattress and 4 ft deep clothes covering the floor, I felt a tinge of satisfaction, knowing at least my baby still is a pig, with or without me.

Kalee and her husband spent the night at our house with the babies and I got to spoil Grayson and Kaydi Jo all day Sunday. It was wonderful.

Speaking of my kids, is it just our family, or do others have this issue? When my kids are caught doing something wrong, and I catch them and stand there with my eyes and mouth open wide in astonishment, they all use the word "WHAT?" with the inflection at the first part of the word, indicating I am the one that has lost her mind. Here are just a few examples:

Kalee, when she was about 7, got up on Christmas morning at 4am, woke her brothers up and commenced to open and play with all her toys from Santa BEFORE waking me. Hearing the sounds of squeals and loud toy noises, I stumble into the den see all my kids intensely playing. Kalee looks up and says, "What?"

John David, when he is about 6, uses the "What?" when Trevor runs in screaming that he has just been shot in the ass by John David and his new BB gun.

Trevor, around the age of 5, at midnight, walks past the bathroom, through the living room where I was watching TV, unlocks the front door and goes outside to pee off the porch. When he comes back in and is met with my infamous look of stun, he also says, "What?" before heading back to bed.

Chris, Amy's son, my nephew, said the exact phrase when he walked into the kitchen where Amy and I sat, holding the arm to an antique rocking chair in his hand. Apparently to his 5 year old conclusion, WE were the ones with the issues.

And now the genetic defect has reached my grand children. Grayson, who will be three in November, got hit in the head with a bouncy ball and fell saying, "DAMN!" Kalee quickly looks over to him and he nonchalantly says, "What? I can say that." She had the same open-eyes-open-mouth expression.

Hee hee. This is the moment I have looked forward to for 18 years. heh heh.


Debz said...

I believe it's called the "what goes around comes around" moment. I love that moment. It makes all the rest worth it.
Now, go back to your magazines and buy me something...

jill jill bo bill said...

Do they have plane tickets in SkyMall? They should, ya know, being on the airplane and all.

Unknown said...

awwww Jill how awesome of a FAMILY weekend did you have!

Now about that list!!!! Dammit I was hopin to come here and you would have a list a mile long-

I was just at my favorite purse store and saw a purse(do you say purse OR hand-bag-geesh) anyways I saw this tommy hilfiger purse that was ADORABLE BUT I didnt have my celly with me so i couldnt call and say 'hey what kinda purses do you like?' yanno do you like small,medium or large totes,do you a hand carry handle or a sling over the shoulder? are ya picky????????? LMAO so ummm ya need to email me...i guess i could buy it-ship it then IF'n you dont like it we can return it when you get to in to town and you can pick something out

Now i am still awaiting patiently to be added to your list that you follow me ahem....

Unknown said...

Ummm, yeah. My Husband says that. What. I hate that.
Umm what and like are the three words banned from my house.

So, like, ummmm we changed the chanel on the DVR while General Hospital was recording. Sorry. What.

I'd like to just beat the what outa whoever says what to me.

I'm glad you had such a Joyful Mom weekend, we all need those every now and then.

Congratulations on your Portugesian award this morning.
Will there be a ceramony later?

Annie said...

Awww....I love when you see your kid and get so porud you choke up!
Happy early birthday and happy shopping!

Debz said...

If you find airline tix in there - pick em up. Don't be afraid to just jump right in and buy them. I will accept (lol).

Anonymous said...

I also have a birthday week - primarily because mine ends on Christmas. Sucky sucky sucky - and lob on the freakish name, too. Not bitter. Not at all.

I say you peruse the Neimans website & find things you didn't know you needed and always wanted.

And, as my mother would say when I complain about the toddler doing something: Sweetie, payback is a bitch.

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday! I think that's too cool that your son wants to own his own restaurant...sorry if that wasn't the main gist of the post, and it should be ALL about you, but that's way cooler...

Julie D said...

Is there a big Tex-ass party this weekend that I need to fly in for? Because I will.

I love the "What?" thing. My almost 18 year old baby still does it.

Your family sounds fabulous. Good job, Mom.

shutter girl said...

Ok...we totally do the birth week thing here too. Loves it! What better excuse to ask for Walkers Shortbread cookies...that I usually get on day 3! I usually use the birth week to get extra presents for (myself) BoyBoy and Bubba...lots of fun. Plus, it is seven nights of free dessert if you go out to eat~! I can survive being sung happy birthday in Spanish for a free fried ice cream!

Brittany said...

I think the "what" is a staple in every family. yay.

Brenda said...

Insn't is always the case that when you have the money for something or someone wants to buy you something, you can't think of a damn thing???
Ofcourse, when I'm broke (which is most of the time) there are a million things I can't live without!

Linda said...

Just wandered over from The Farm Blahg.
Happy Birthday Week!
When ever the Hubby asks me what I want for my birthday (or Christmas or anniversary), I always say "Bigger Diamonds". He usually thinks a little harder after that! Have a Great Week!

Tiffany said...

And to think I get teary eyed when my kid describes the difference between a square and rectangle. I am still waiting for the What? moment to happen.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I get "gift block" I can always think of a million things I need until someone actually asks me! And everytime I tell my husband I want a birthday week he just laughs and says, "Yeah right..." jerk!

Ronda's Rants said...

yeah...isn't love grand? God does have a plan!
The Grandson was in the back seat and his Daddy was talking on the phone...Daddy says Could you please be quiet and stop talking. Next minute the Grandson is humming...his Dad whirls around and gives him the evil eye...Grandson says "What...I am humming!" He is only three!!! God is so good!

Shelley said...

Unfortunately, the genetic defect of "what" is definitely in my children. I hate that. Cause sometimes, I'm so busy it takes me a minute to realize that yeah, they actually did something that I was stunned for.

Happy Birthday week. said...

Since it's your birthday you can give to whomever whatever your lil heart pleases so pass down those gifts and we'll decide who gets what!!

By the way, I'm a size 12 and shoe size is 6. I'm not picky about colors or electronics. :)

Now as for the WHAT? It's not my kids that do that but me. I'm guilty and I admit it.

Case in point, the other day, Teen Boo and I were at the store. I made a comment (sorta under my breath) about the lookie loos just taking up the whole aisle of the store. Teen Boo says, "Mommy!!!" I get the deer in headlight look and say, "What?"

Ignorance is bliss so I just play it off like I have no clue what anyone is talking about.

I'm glad that you had a wonderful weekend with the family! Nothing like moments like that to keep a smile on your face.

The Mom Jen said...

Happy birthday week, I love taking a whole week for it! *glasses clinking!*

Deb said...

Can we tell you Happy Birthday for a whole week? Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we?


amelia bedelia said...

I still that poor baby's face holding that arm of my chair! I don't know why Im laughing, he spilled juice yesterday and when I walked in he said "whaaaa".....(he's 20!)

That Janie Girl said...

How weird is this? It's my birthday week, too!

Happy birthday, Jill!


Tony Gasbarro said...

You ask why, I think up an answer....

The kid/adult/you/I say"What?" with that tinge of incredulity for manyfold reasons. What? Manyfold is a word. It's my my word.

Anyhoo, first is the "which of the many things I just did is the thing for which you're glaring at me" feint. I just super-glued my baby brother's eyes shut, but are you glaring at me for hopping off my bike while it was still moving and letting it crash into your hydrangeas...again?

Then there's the "what's the big deal?" defense. What's the big deal about stapling baby brother's upper lip to the coffee table? I do it all the time"

Kritta22 said...

You should ask for a blog design!! I want one...keep that in mind for SSS! :)

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Happy Birthday Week!

And, they totally should have plane tickets in Sky Mall--along with gift certificates in large amounts. Seriously! Or, some free food coupons, because peanuts are NOT enough.

Anyway... the "what" is classic. Why do kids do that? But then, I found myself saying it to T-Daddy when he came home to a totally messy house and me blogging. OOPS!

Happy Fall!

Mamahut said...

Ok so I lost ya. I had to go to deb's and find ya, how easy was that? Easy is deb's way, but ya gotta love her!
I can't say too much about the "what" I am the queen of whatville.
I cannot wait to see what my children become, unless they are serial killers and in than case you never knew me, K? Oh and Happy Birthday (week).

Anonymous said...

Payback are hell, but we get to watch them happening with glee.

And thanks for showing me the error of my ways. Your blog WASN'T on my blogroll!


Julie D said...

Oh sweetie, it's your last day of being 29.


Even I couldn't say that with a straight face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy almost birthday!

Tenakim said...

It's my brthday week too!!! Glad you got great family time!

Anonymous said...

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