Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (plus a side note)

I have noticed that I use the words "love" and "hate" a LOT in my vocabulary.

For example I say things like:

I love waking up to hot cup of coffee in the mornings.
I hate it when I am out of sweet'n'low.

I love to eat.
I hate to exercise.

I love to wear linen.
I hate that it looks like I have slept in it by the end of the day.

I guess I live a very black and white life. The few things that fall in the gray area are the things I don't really care about. In other words, I don't hate them, I just don't like them or love them.

I also feel it's important to let someone you care about know that you love them. I have had many close family and friends die and I knew that they knew that I loved them. That truly helped in my healing process.

There are different levels of love. And I realize they have specific "smart-like" names like agape and amore. But I have my own version.
There's the love I have for my husband. He stands alone in that love category. He holds the prestigious 'No one but Rick' category award.
I love my kids. This one is the 'I wipe their butts, clean up their puke and wipe their snot and smother them with hugs and kisses' category.
I love my family. They fall into the 'I would wipe their butts, clean up their puke and wipe their snot, but I would make them repay me with the same treatment. On purpose. ...not really...' category.
I love my friends. These are the 'I would wipe their butts, cleanup their puke and wipe their snot, but I would gag the entire time so they would hear me and feel bad' group.
I love the patients I care for.This one is 'I DO wipe their butts, etc, etc. And I gag privately where they can't hear me. I mean they ARE sick and all' category.
I love being a nurse. I love owning my own business. I love my employees and co-workers. And these fall into the 'Only if I had to' category. (No CH, you fall in the`friend category)
I also love this one cashier at Walmart. She always makes me smile. This is the 'I don't think she needs her butt wiped anytime soon' category.
I love Sonic's vanilla diet coke with extra ice. I added this one to let you know how important this is to me. It falls into the 'If it had a butt, it would rank up there with my kids' category.

And different levels of hate that don't make into the gray area. I am not a violent person, but I think I could be if the perpetrator were smaller and I wouldn't have to run after them.
I hate sneakiness. People who sneak around fall into the 'I could really punch them' category.
I hate when my kids fight. This is the 'threaten to punch them' category.
I hate that I can't see my mom and sisters more often. I call this the 'whine a lot' category.
I hate when someone crunches ice or pork rinds and I can hear it. This runs a close second to 'I could really punch them' category, but I have simmered in my old age and now it falls into the 'Give them the look' category possibly followed by the 'open handed whack upside the head' category if they continue.
I hate to be rushed or to be late. This one is the 'I will probably yell and drive like a maniac so don't get in my way' category.

I guess I am sharing this with you is to let you know that if I read your blog and it makes me smile or better yet, laugh out loud, if it makes me think, if it makes me cry, then I will always try to tell you so you will know.

When we were little, I would say, "I love that!" and my little sisters would all say in unison, "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?"

So, now to all my bloggie buds out there, I have a new category for you. Since most of us will never meet eye-to-eye until we all go to the big Internet in the sky, I have a new category for y'all. It's the 'So, ya wanna marry me?!' category. This one entails the knowledge that I break my neck to read your newest post and literally wet myself if I am ever mentioned in said post. If it's really good, I may even get up (that alone should mean something) and do the happy dance.

All this just to say I love you. And I do.

*****SIDE NOTE***** Make sure you got to my son's blog and show him some love. It took some finagling but I managed to bring him to the dark side with us. Plus I gave him $5.


NucMEd is Hot said...

This was great!!!! Yes I will totally marry you! Look at the people I read.

Deb said...

I accept! Oh my gosh, I have to get a dress, get my hair did. Oh and then there's the flowers and a ring! OMG I have to have a RING!
SO much to do, so much to do ...

Ronda's Rants said...

You are too funny as in "the... I wet my pants, again category" I do wish we had different words for Love like the greek langauge because we do love things differently...I really do LOVE hot coffee in the morning almost as much as my Hubby...kidding!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

damn, Daddy warned be along time ago, "Son"? (he always called me "Son" when he was dispensing his sage advice.) "Son, always keep a sharp eye out for them "Nester" women folk. Them types just wanna build themselves a cozy nest, and raise a family-----nothing wrong with that----but best you recognize that type real quick---so as you can decide if your ready to play house for the rest of your life with that particular nester gal". I gets rightously nervouse hearing a femal throw the "L" word around, and around, kinda like a lasso she's about to throw-----course now I'm kinda up in years now,so most likely it ain't me that needs to worry none about THAT. (lol)

georgie said...

awww Jill....we can just run off to VEGAS if ya want...Southwest has great fares!


Deb said...

Georgie y'all cant go anywhere without me. especially now that i know what DYK is. I soooo fit in now, just not fittin in a size 6 anymore

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I so needed a proposal today.

h2ofossil said...

I wuv you little chick a dee!

h2ofossil said...

PS-I visited Trevor's blog and well now I too am waiting to hear the rest of the story....damn you "story tellin fools!"

Deb said...

Yes, I will marry you. Do I have to wipe your butt though? It is kind of a turn off.

iMommy said...

The gray area is indifference :-) You're a passionate girl, Jill Jill, and it takes passion to love AND to hate. :-)

And I'm obviously to late to accept the proposal... but if none of those other hot mama's work out, I'm here!

Swirl Girl said...

Your too sweet and very clever.
As in the you make me smile, too category.

I'm adding you and your sister to my daily reads!

georgie said...

I jus wint and visited TREVUH! and told dat boy to HUR up wit part deux!

OHhhh he is funny Jill Jill bo Bill

HappyHourSue said...

I say we all commit to going to BloHer '09 and tear it up!!!!!!!!!

Carolina Girl said...

that is so cute!!! I love this post. My boss falls in the "I want to punch him in the face" category. Your blog falls in the "Blogs I love" category! :)

amelia bedelia said...

Very clever sister....if i wasn't so flippin sick, i'd say something funny or smart assed, but i can't so you won the funny award today. love you.