Monday, August 18, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I have been tagged by my friend Deb, and thankfully this tag game involves no running.

So for your viewing pleasure I will divulge 6 completely insignificant facts about myself. Take your No-Doze now.

Six Unspectacular Quirks I have:
1. I secretly wish I could dance like the professionals on "Dancing With the Stars".
2. I secretly have dubbed myself  a member of the "Fashion Police" and wish I could arrest many of the people I see on a daily basis.
3. I start major projects around the house that I secretly know I cannot accomplish, knowing that my anal-retentive-handy-man-of-a-husband will finish but won't ever start.
4. I secretly wish spiral perms were back in style because I looked really cute with one (or maybe it was that I was 50 lbs lighter).
5. I secretly think it's sexy when my husband wears his bossy pants and tells me how things are going to be done, even though I pout about it.
6. I secretly imagine myself head-butting everyone who is blatenly rude to me, but I know it would hurt and leave a mark and I hate things like that.

So, because I always follow the rules, here they are:

1. Link the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

The last part of the tag game is to send it to six people you want to know 6 insignificant or unspectacular quirks about. My six chosen ones are:
  • Jill at Scary Mommy because she will kick my ass if I leave her out again and plus she cracks me up and has a cool name.
  • Georgie at Confessions of... because she also cracks me up and we have this nursery-rhyme-name-thing bond.
  • Deb at Postcards from the edge because again, much cracking up is done by me when I read her or we talk, and I haven't heard from her since her lake trip and I can only be good and not be mean to her for just so long!
  • Dana at Life is Good because for the fourth time, I find myself cracking up at all she says and wishing we lived closer to one another so I could hang out with her on her porch.
  • Karen at NucMed is Hot because between her and Leslie, which was very confusing to me at first who was who, I laugh out loud and agree on most things with them. Must be the medical background and liking to stick people with needles, I'm not sure.
  • Sidney at Sidz6kidsz because I love my neighbor and she has blogger constipation and I want to be the prune juice in her life.
So we will all wait with baited breath for the unveiling of y'alls info and I will wear an extra Depends.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jilly Jilly bo Billy. If I wrote six insignificant things about myself, WHAT would be left to blog about!!!

Silly Silly bo JILLY!!!!!

Besides, everything about myself is MAGNIFICENT!

amelia bedelia said...

Sister! Don't be shy, go ahead and tell everyone that you get up and dance when "Dancing with the Stars" is on. Its ok. They will understand, Janet Jackson!

Sidney said...

You are SO my prune juice!!

And, um, have you SEEN my picture of, oh, say 19 years ago? Search my blog, dahlin'....can you say "perm"...maybe not "spiral perm", but "perm" nonetheless.....

Hank E. Pankie said...

You didn't even TAG me?! And that was my favorite past time games. I love you though...

GinGin said...

I'll pass on the kids, but I would love to meet you and all your darlings. Let's do Canton!! Keep me posted on all this blog stuff, as I don't think I'll have much time in the evenings starting next week, as I will be cooking and grading and taking care of all the school stuff!! I'll be reading your blog and amelia's etc. but posting will probably be occasional. I would love to do Canton in Oct, or NOv. I'm ready to go and check it out, I love it!!

jill jill bo bill said...

dana- Fine!!I'll just make six things up about you!
Amy- That's Miss Nasty to you.
sid-Stylin' and profilin', baby! But it was easy to do wasn't it. Admit it!
Trev- amy already called dibs on you.
Gin- It's a date!!

georgie said...

OHhhhh My, my first "real" tag....what ever will I do? jill jill bo bill just sounds so much more fun than georgie georgie BO-BORGIE BUT I do got georgie porgie puddin N" pie kissed the boys N made em cry...

I will do my tag meme tomorrow-when this medication wears off...cause I am really loopy right now....obviously i just did georgie porgie puddin N pie BIT' yiyiyiyi

THANK YOU Jill Jill-for thinkin of me...and i am soooo glad i "crack" someone up! hopefully i will make that depend purchase well worth it with this tag...

Deb said...


Love it!! I loved spiral perms too. Sigh. Hey, we can both get one and dance around like Miss Janet. Let's just hope there is no wardrobe malfunction like she had.

texasholly said...

I am not surprised about the bossy pants...

Scary Mommy said...

Now I feel like a lame tag beggar-- that's pretty pathetic. :)

I'll have to think about these. The last time I did one, I felt like I killed 6 potential blog topics at once!!!

I now imagine you with cute spiral curls, head banging your husband while turned on by his behavior. Oy.

Deb said...

I didn't take the No-Doze and I broke my frickin nose on the table when I nodded off. Could that have been any less un spectacular? (*yawn*)

Carolina Girl said...

"I secretly have dubbed myself a member of the "Fashion Police" and wish I could arrest many of the people I see on a daily basis."

HAAA That's so funny - can I be a member also? Seriously, you are gonna need some help with this project! hee hee

Insane Mama said...

I thought I looked super hot with the spiral perm also..

Anonymous said...


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